10 inch free range chamois buck

James Simpson from Australia arrived in June to hunt for tahr and chamois. James took a nice 12 inch tahr on the first day of the hunt, what a way to start!

James with his 12 inch bull tahr shot from 130m with his Sauer .308. The bull took off down into a scrub choked creek at the shot, which is why he's soaking wet.

The next morning we were off to another free range property to hunt for chamois, we saw 17 chamois for the day, but could not get within range of any trophies. Ice and snow made getting around difficult. We took some photos and returned the next day.

A young chamois (left) and female (right) looking down at us from 400m.

Late afternoon I glassed a group of 7 animals a way out across an open face, there appeared to be an animal amongst them with exceptional horns. The large open face we needed to work our way across had little cover, we did well to get in to 350m to a shooting position. Today James had bought his .300 magnum, with dial up Ziess scope. James dialed in and after a few shots at long range the trophy was his.

James lining up on a chamois, tucked in behind his .300 magnum.

James with his very impressive chamois buck.

We knew this buck was big, but it wasn't until we lifted his head out of the tussock that that we really knew. Wow a trophy of over 10 inches with a pristine winter coat. James and I were both ecstatic.

Just when we thought it was time to relax a local famer rang the following day about a stag on his property, sometimes in hunting the luck runs your way, by the end of the next day James had a beautiful 39 inch, 14 point trophy red stag. What a hunt, James took home three exceptional trophies.

Beautiful red stag trophy 14 points, 39 inches in beam length.

James's comments from our visitors book: 'My first trip with Chris and it was exactly as I expected - bloody fantastic. Managed to shoot the alpine double and squeeze in a bloody nice stag. Looking forward to coming back next year, thanks Chris and Bronwyn see you soon.

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