Hunting Report 2016.

Another great hunting season has come to an end. The season began in January and finished in early July with many great trophies taken, experiences shared and friendships formed. Sixty percent of our hunters in 2016 made the return journey to Lake Hawea to hunt with us again. Through the most hectic part of our season I was extremely lucky to have the capable help of Casey Clark from Colorado, USA. Below I have let the images from 2016 tell the story of a wonderful season, I have used brief captions where needed,

From left: Chad Bedell (Colorado), Chris McCarthy, Darren Filkins (California), at the entranceway to our lodge, Chris is holding Darren's beautiful 237 ds fallow buck.


Father and son from Denmark, Ole and Jeppe with a trophy chamois buck each taken in January.

Barry Cuthbertson from Australia with a nice summer chamois buck taken in February, his 3rd hunt with LHHS.

Guy Gardiner, packing out his 9 point whitetail buck taken in March, Guy's 3rd hunt with LHHS.

Approaching Mt Nicholas Station on the ferry on a nice day in March.

Casey Clark (assistant guide) and James Simpson enjoy breakfast on the beach, Lake Wakatipu.

Chris and James with James's impressive Gold medal red stag taken in March. James's 2nd hunt with LHHS.

Hoseah from Spain with a 9 amd 1 quarter inch chamois buck and an 11 year old doe taken on the same day in March.

Rob Urquhart with his Gold medal fallow buck taken in March on his 3rd hunt with LHHS. 

Hobson Reynolds with his 9x9 bull elk scoring 375 SCI taken in March with LHHS.

Hobson and his wife Beverley with Hobson's free range Sika taken on April 1st on the North Island of NZ.

Jed Vercoe and his dogs, with Hobson, Beverley and Casey and Hobson's boar. Thanks Jed you are the man!

Steve Crawford with his beautiful 12 point royal Otago red stag, 37 inches in beam length. Taken up high in April on Steve's 2nd hunt with LHHS.

Steve with his second free range red stag trophy, a 15 pointer, 38 inches in beam length, Casey and Chris look on with Lake Hawea behind.

Red deer hinds, fawn and yearling to the right.

A big red stag gives one last look before disappearing behind the ridge, possibly 40 inches by 40 inches in trophy size.

Lake Hawea, April 2016.

Mount Aspiring at dusk, photo taken from our free range red stag area on an evening hunt.

Gary Innis on his 3rd hunt with LHHS took this narrow stag, 37 inches in beam length as a consilation/management stag after holding out until the last minute for the big one. Gary's back in 2017 to look and hunt some more. 

Darren Filkins with his nice free range stag 37 inches in beam length, Casey and Chad Bedell also enjoying the moment.

Darren's 12 and 1 quarter inch bull tahr taken in late April, Chris, Chad and Casey fill out the photo. 

Casey and Darren with Darren's free range fallow scoring 237 5/8ths ds. A beautiful creature. Casey and Darren did a great job tracking this big buck down.

Chad, Casey, Chris and Chad's wife Jennifer with Jennifer's 12 inch bull tahr taken in May, an awesome hunt which pushed the whole team to their limits.

Chad with a whopping 200 ound boar, Jen looks on with one of Jed Vercoe's dogs.

 Casey looks on with Chad loaded up and Jen behind doing her best to help with the carry out, one very large hog to pack out!

Massive free range sika stag appraoching the 200 ds mark, May , 2016.

Brent Langfield glassing for Sika, all the country behind belongs to the property we have access to.

Brent's 180 class free range Sika with impressive tops and beam weight, taken in May.

Brent's 6x4 cull red stag, 36 inches in beam length that he also took on his Sika hunt.

Brent's Sika trophy on the left and Hobson's on the right, both top notch 180 class free range Sika trophies.

Casey's bull tahr taken on an amazing day with is girlfriend Deanna. A dream come true for Casey.

Deanna and Casey with Casey's ancient fallow buck, an old warrior. 

Deanna's first deer in New Zealand, Casey and her are about to celebrate with some of NZ's finest.

Mark Pittock's 12 inch wilderness bull tahr taken in June on 2x1 hunt with his nephew Callum, a great trip.

Callum Walsh with his 12 inch wilderness bull tahr, an amazing hunt in spectacular sorrounds.

A nice bull tahr I photographed on the hunt.

Retreiving Callum's bull was hard work for the guide!

Wilderness tahr camp with Stepehn Byrne and Simon Tofte, late June , 2016.

So now as the off season begins, meat hunts and marketing are now top of the agenda. If you are looking for an unforgettable hunting experience in 2017 try our small family business, the McCarthy's have been at Lake Hawea for 5 geberations and we're planning on staying around,



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