A Bull Tahr for Nicole

After being the successful winners of our donated hunt to Wild Deer and hunting adventures magazine Rob and Nicole were back for another hunt, this time they had their son Jordy with them. After many phone calls with Rob he stressed that the major goal of the hunt was for Nicole to take a trophy bull tahr. Nicole had had knee surgery only 10 weeks earlier however I was confident we could find a free range bull on our private land property.

Rob, Chris, Nicole and Jordy heading for red stag country across Lake Wakatipu.

Rob, Jordy and Nicole with Rob's 20 point red stag, the antlers are 40 inches long and weighed in at 10.5 kilograms!

It worked out best with regard to saving travelling time that we first headed out for a stag for Rob. New Zealand it a beautiful place, especially the high country of the South Island. After no luck on day one Rob was successful the following morning on a big red stag which carried 20 points, had a beam length of 40 inches and was extremely heavy. 

Nicole. Jordy and Rob with Nicole's trophy bull tahr. A truly geat day for all involved.

What was meant to be the most difficult part of the trip was all over in one morning. Jordy spotted a big bull tahr which led to further sightings and eventually the taking of this bull by Nicole. Nicole made a great shot from 180m. Jordy was up with hill with us while Rob stayed behind at the bottom spotting and keeping in contact to make sure the tahr didn't move off. It was a great moment when Nicole's bull went down and really neat for Nicole to have her son Jordy by her side.

Jordy, Rob and Chris glassing for chamois. A long walk up the mountain followed.

Jordy with his chamois, Jordy made a great shot from 320 metres with my browning .270, well done mate.

It was finally Jordy's turn to carry the rifle. On the second day of hunting chamois he connected from long rage (320m) on a buck chamois. The chamois was irretrievable from our shooting position so we climbed back down the mountain where we played a joke on Rob and Nicole who were waiting at the bottom. We said we hadn't shot anything, but they soon found us out. We made a 2hr climb back up the mountain and retrieved Jordy's chamois.

Chris Rob and Nicole with Lake Wakatipu in the background. Rob with his heavy, 20 point red stag trophy.

Rob's comments from our visitors book: Chris and Bronwyn, thank you. To Chris mate I've been fortunate enough to have hunted in a few different places around the world with a number of PH's. You are the stand out by far, The way you go about your business finding animals for clients and fussing over them, the food and the company is 100%.We can't wait to do it again next year.

Nicoles comments: Thankyou so much for another fantastic trip. You made it possible for me to get my tahr - free range. I'm very greatful. We all had a real blast it was lovely to catch up with the whole family again. Looking forward to coming back!

For further info about a free range bull tahr like Nicole's visit our tahr hunting page

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