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Chris McCarthy Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

The Family and Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

Bronwyn and I live at our Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris lodge, Lake Hawea, South Island, New Zealand with our twin girls Emily and Lilly and their little sister Gretchen. The McCarthy's moved to the Hawea region in the 1860's when gold was discovered in the nearby Cardrona valley. After the gold rush the family settled at Hawea Flat and established a sheep and cattle farm. Five generations later we still have the farm with my mother Yeverley living in the original homestead on which construction began in 1892. My father Bill McCarthy was well respected and did a lot for our local community, he ran the home farm until February 2013 when he sadly passed away after a 3 year illness. We all still miss him dearly.

In 2011, 119 years after the original homestead was built, Bronwyn and myself were very excited to begin work on a new house on the property. The house was to provide two functions, the first being a home, the second being a hunting lodge for Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. Nestled beneath the towering bluff systems and peak of Mt Grand we have our own little piece of paradise. I look up behind the house each evening with the last of the sun shining on Mt Grand and I know, up there 1000m above, a small resident herd of Chamois are at play.

The Hunting Season - all hands on deck at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

When our hunting season begins in March, everyone pitches in to make sure our hunters at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris have the best possible New Zealand hunting experience. While myself and our guides are out there giving it our all for our hunting clients in the tough weather and terrain of the Southern Alps, things are just as busy back at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris base. Bronwyn co owns and runs a book keeping business, Mighty Efficient Wanaka she is also busy cooking meals, re-stocking supplies, picking up and dropping off hunters from Queenstown airport and making sure 3 kids get to school and day care on time. Bronwyn is certainly working just as hard as the guides in the hills!

Yeverley also helps out, cooking up wild venison, rabbit, tahr, chamois or lamb and hogget from the farm, making it into portions for me and my Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris guides to take into the hills as well as meals for the lodge. Yeverley is also great at catering for non hunters, having a successful career in real estate (now retired) means Yeverley knows the Wanaka and Hawea area better than anyone. Yeverley is great fun and a brilliant cook, when she is not helping us at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris she is busy with her self storage business, Wanaka Self Storage.

If Warren and Pauline (Bronwyn's parents) are in town they generally can't even use their own holiday apartment as we often have hunters staying there too. Warren and Pauline often end up helping cook for our hunters and they always end up helping out with their Grandchildren.

So it's a big family effort to make sure everything runs smoothly at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris and I'm well aware of the background help and support that goes into the ultimate goal of providing the best New Zealand hunting experiece for our clients. Its the little things that make the difference, liked being camped in the middle of the southern alps and pulling out Yeverley's delicious home made plum sauce, or garlic breakfast sauce from the tucker box, or the early morning satellite phone call from Bronwyn back at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris base, with the latest web weather forecast, so 100kms away back in the mountains we can plan our day.

Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris - New Zealand Hunting as it should be

At Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris we like our hunters to feel like they've hunted New Zealand, not just skimmed over it. With a family that's been here at Lake Hawea, in the New Zealand mountains for over 150 years, a New Zealand hunting service that has been operating since 1993 and a range of hunting packages, you will get the New Zealand hunting experience you are looking for with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.

Chris McCarthy Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

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