Hunting Chamois in New Zealand

A trophy chamois is a true prize and the most difficuilt of New Zealands top 3 animals to secure. With eyesight believed to be the equivalent of 9x the human eye, electric speed and an altogether unpredictable nature they are a challenging animal to hunt.

Under rated trophy animal

Chamois are perhaps a better trophy than tahr and red stag. With their striking facial markings and jet black winter skin or brown/tan coloured summer skin they make a beautiful mount. Being a member of the antelope family, chamois are a very smart, graceful animal.

Hunting chamois during the rut is one of my favourite hunts, I've seen chamois bucks do flips or wriggle about on their backs kicking their legs in the air or chase each other at lightning speed across hair raising terrain, a very busy and remarkable animal.

Available: Wilderness, private land, game estate

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Chamois Hunting Trophies

Trophies range from 8 1/2 to 11 inches in horn length, with 3-4 inch bases, a typical trophy is between 9 and 9 1/2 inches, with bases 3-4 inches. Ten inch + trophy bucks are possible with 1-2 taken each season. Chamois are a small animal but extremely pretty animal with their distinct facial markings.

Chamois Hunting NZ best dates


Chamois Hunting Dates

The best time to hunt chamois is the rut which occurs in May and June. At this time the bucks are up to all sorts of crazy antics and are not as wily and wary as usual. At this time the bucks are in full winter cape with their attractive jet black skin and white face with black eye stripe.

Summer eg, January - March is also a good time to hunt. At this time the buck's are in peak summer cape, an orange brown colour (see picture above with chamois looking back). Summer chamois also make a great trophy, at this time their capes are that different to the winter cape, they almost look like a different animal.

Being horned animals chamois like tahr can be hunted the year round.

Chamois Hunting NZ general information

Chamois Hunting General Info

Chamois are a true alpine animal. The chamois we have in New Zealand were a gift from the Austrian Emporer Franz Joseph and were liberated at Mt Cook in the early 1900's. Chamois have exceptional eyesight and speed, because of this they are challenging species to hunt, more difficuilt than tahr. They exist in lower numbers than tahr, although they cover a much larger area of the South Island than the tahr. Generally spot then stalk hunting is the best method, although when hunting tight side creeks with plenty of cover sometimes a quick shot is needed.


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