New Zealand Fallow Deer Hunting.

Fallow deer hunting in New Zealand is a favourite of many local hunters, especially during the rut when the buck's become extremely aggressive. Fallow deer can be hunted free range or within a game estate. Free range fallow deer hunting is challenging and exciting, our fallow deer hunting area is home to top trophy class buck's living in spectacular mountain terrain. Contact us today to inquire about fallow deer hunting in New Zealand or see below for further details.

New Zealand fallow deer hunting - trophy buck - Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

Fallow Deer Hunting is available: Private Land or Game Estate


New Zealand fallow deer hunting trophies | Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris New Zealan

Fallow deer hunting - trophies

Fallow deer hunting trophies range in length from 25 - 30 + inches, usually with 16 - 20 + points. Good strong points, length and good thickness in the palms make a quality trophy. Trophies range in score from 200 douglas score right up to 260 douglas score. Fallow bucks range in colour from black fallow bucks and menil fallow bucks are the most commo, we also have access to white fallow deer.

New Zealand fallow deer best dates | Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris New Zealan

Fallow deer hunting - best dates

Fallow deer are best hunted during the rut, March - April, they carry hard antler for a longer period than most deer species, from February until November. During the rut the bucks get very worked up and make that distinct, guttural , croak, croak. Similar to red deer hunting it adds a lot to the hunt if you are able to hunt fallow during the rut and witness bucks challenging each other for does (females).

Spring hunting is also a good option for hunting fallow deer. At this time the bucks group together to feed up after the winter. It is not uncommon to see 20 - 40 fallow bucks in one group.

New Zealand fallow deer general informat | Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris New Zealan

Fallow deer hunting - General information

Fallow deer were first introduced to New Zealand in the 1860's. Their distinct palmated antlers make a very different trophy to other NZ deer species, with their capes coming in all sorts of colours from black to white and everything in between. We have access to two free range fallow deer properties and also game estate options. Think about adding a fallow buck to your NZ hunt, fallow deer offer great spot then stalk hunting in spectacular habitat.


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