Hunting free range red stags in New Zealand

Gary Innis from Australia arrived in the peak of the red stag roar for his second hunt for free range red stag with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.

After spotting a huge free range stag on the second morning of the hunt we made a plan to be up the mountain between the stag, his harem of hinds and their path back to the beech forest, the following morning. A burst of 'roars' gave us a fix on the stags position, in the half light of the pre dawn we moved further up the mountain to a patch of beech forest hoping to catch the stag above our position out in the open tussock grass.

First eight hinds came into view, feeding their way past and then the stag, what a sight he was. At 250m Gary needed a rest for the .270, we slid out from the cover of the beech forest and set up the bipod knowing every second was crucial as the deer were beginning to depart. Gary indicated he was ready to shoot, I gave a loud roar and the stag stopped in his tracks and peered down at our position. Gary squeezed the trigger and a free range red stag trophy of a lifetime collapsed into the tussock.

Red stag hunting New Zealand Gary's Stag

Red stag hunting New Zealand Gary's Stag 2

The stag measured 42 4/8ths in beam length, carried 13 strong points, scoring 305 Douglas score.

Great to see a huge trophy like this going to a hunter who understands the quality of this trophy. Gary is returning again next roar for another stag hunt.

Red stag hunting New Zealand Gary carrying out his free range stag

Gary's comments from our visitors book: 'Another master class hunt by Chris McCarthy, 2nd trip, 2nd 13 point red stag, this stag is over 42 inches long and has a Douglas Score 300+. Absolute priviledge to learn from the man.'

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