Hunting Packages and Prices 2019 Season

New Zealand Hunting Packages - why book with us?

We are New Zealand's number one free range hunting outfitter offering a number of hunting packages on both public and private land. Our company is dedicated to providing hunting packages of the highest standard and best value. Chris McCarthy is an experienced outfitter and guide and is held in extremely high regard in New Zealand hunting circles. With an experienced guide, spectacular hunting grounds, comfortable accommodation, multiple game species and different hunting options, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris will build a hunting package that suits you, from single species hunting packages to combination hunting packages.

The Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris Experience

We are a family business specialising in guiding international hunters in the mountainous regions of Otago and South Westland. We are very proud of our high repeat hunter rate, with over 50% of our clientele made up of repeat hunters each season. Single species hunts are available and combination hunts are what we do best. We have a wide range of species on offer and a hunt to suit everyone; with private land and wilderness options available. We own our lodge and property, but we also work with other properties totalling 250,000 acres of private land hunting, many of these properties we have sole access agreements with. For those who want a wilderness hunt, our public land wilderness concession allows us to hunt most of the public land in the South Island.

Chris is an executive member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Assn. For five years he held the portfolio of Membership Officer and is now currently the Editor of the NZPHGA internal magazine 'The Scope.'

The McCarthy's have been in the region since the gold rush of the 1860's, they settled at Hawea Flat and began construction on a stone homestead on their farm in 1892 which is still standing proud and in use today.

Included in all Hunting Packages and Prices

Comfortable lodge accommodation on pick up day and the night of the last hunting day, on all hunts. Accommodation then varies from the lodge, to cabins and tent camps depending on the type of hunt booked. Generally estate hunts are run from the lodge and free range hunts are run from cabin and tent accommodation, however we can run free range hunts from the lodge.

4x4 access on private land hunts, helicopter access on wilderness hunts.

Airport pick up and return ex Queenstown, South Island, NZ. 

All meals & accommodations, professional guide, beer and wine, rifle hire available.

Sight in session at our range on pick up day.

A copy of photos and video footage (Chris is a keen photographer and videographer) all photo's and videos are copied to USB for you to take home.

Professional kiwi guide - genuine kiwi hospitality.

caping and care of trophies, delivery of trophies to taxidermist or expeditor. 


What's our main point of difference?

We have free range hunting options available and we can build a package hunt to suit you.

We have access to all animals below within close proximity to our lodge.


Red Stag Silver Medal 310 - 350 $7500 NZD ($5250 USD)

Himalayan Tahr $7200 NZD ($5000 USD)

Alpine Chamois $7200 NZD ($5000 USD)

Fallow $5500 NZD ($3850 USD)

Whitetail POA

Arapawa ram $2150 NZD ($1500 USD)

South pacific goat $2150 NZD ($1500 USD)

Boar $1700 NZD ($1200 USD)

Sika (North Island) $7200 ($5000 USD)


Red Stag Upgrades


350 - 370 $9000 NZD ($6300 USD)

370 - 405 $12000 NZD ($8400 USD)

405 - 440 $16000 NZD ($11,000 USD)

440 +  POA

Management Stag up to 310 POA


Fallow Upgrades


+$1700 NZD ($1200) USD for large estate buck




Up to 400 $13500 NZD ($9450 USD)

Over 400 $16000 NZD ($11200 USD)


Daily rate

$845 NZD ($590 USD) 1x1, $595 ($415 USD) 2x1

Non hunter daily rate: $295 NZD ($220 USD)


Build a package hunt


Five days required for a single species hunt 1x1, 6 days 2x1, additional trophies can be taken within the 5 days, but we generally advise to book 1-2 extra days per additional species wanted. Ask Chris to build a package that works for you.


Free Range Otago Red Stag:  

(these wild stags are scored on the Douglas Score)


300 class 12 - 16 points $9750 NZD ($6800 USD)

320 + (rare) additional $2500 NZD ($1750 USD)

Management Stags at guides discretion usually 12 -16 points missing bey tines POA.


An exceptional hunt for a wild Otago Red Stag, over 50,000 acres of mountainous private land hunting for legendary Otago stags. Ask for further info. We have detailed follow up information. We encourage our hunters to also take a management stag as part of managing this unique wild herd, the philosophy being that one poorer stag comes out of the gene pool for every trophy stag taken.


Wilderness hunts for Tahr and Chamois (on our public land concession).


Helicopter access included in wilderness rates, tented camp while hunting.


Tahr and Chamois package hunt 1x1, 7 day hunt, $15,000 NZD ($10,450 USD)    

Tahr and Chamois package hunt 2x1, 8 day hunt, $11,500 NZD ($8000 USD) PP.


Or a Single species hunt with the option of your second animal for a trophy fee


Tahr 5 day 1x1 $9500 NZD ($6650 USD)

For a helicopter moving fee of $1,500 NZD ($1050 USD) additional species available:

Chamois $5000 NZD ($3500 USD)


Chamois 5 day 1x1 $9500 NZD ($6650 USD)

For a helicopter moving fee of $1,500 NZD ($1050 USD) additional species available:

Tahr $5000 ($3500 USD)


Tahr or Chamois 6 day, 2x1 $7000 NZD ($4900 USD) PP

For a helicopter moving fee of $1,500 ($1050 USD) - split between two - additional species available: Tahr or Chamois $5000 NZD ($3500 USD)


Wilderness Whitetail and Chamois combo POA


Deposit Policy

A deposit of 50% is required to book one of our hunting packages.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation of your hunting package will mean you are offered an option on dates for the following year.  Your depsoit will be carried over and stays with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.

Not included

Personal, property, travel insurance

Compensation for hunting time lost due to bad weather

Expediting or mounting of trophies.

In brief

Wilderness: = adventure style hunting, helicopter access, tented camp.

Private land: = high animal numbers, high success rates, wild free ranging animals on exclusive private property, cabin or lodge accommodation.


Make An Enquiry

Please contact us for further information about  our Hunting packages. We will reply with a full price list, detailed information on all hunts plus anything specific you have asked for. We aim to respond within 24 hours. This may be stretched a little during our main hunting season February - July.

Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris:

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Mobile: + 64 27 349 0393


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