New Zealand Hunting 

New Zealand Hunting situation

At present New Zealand Hunting is as good as it has been for a long time. New Zealand hunting is based around Red stag huntingtahr hunting and chamois hunting, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris offers hunting packages for these three main game animals plus additional species

Different types and ways of hunting in New Zealand

Did you know that there are many different ways to hunt in New Zealand:

  1. Private game estate New Zealand hunting (behind high fence on a private esate)
  2. Private land free-range New Zealand Hunting (free-range hunting on private land eg, farms or pastural lease where access is controlled by the land owner)
  3. Public land New Zealand Hunting with foot or 4x4 access.
  4. Public land with helicopter access.
  5. Public land heli-hunt. 

Many overseas hunters are not aware of these different types/areas/ways of New Zealand Hunting. Typically most New Zealand hunting guides/outiftters will specialise in one form of hunting. We like to offer our hunters a range of options and allow them to book the New Zealand Hunting package which best suits them, not which best suits the outfitter, this is one of our big strengths.

How do locals hunt in New Zealand

Most kiwi hunters will hunt public land with access by foot or 4x4. This is a low cost way of New Zealand Hunting, keen hunters who spend the time getting to know their animals and areas are able to take good trophies.

Other options for local kiwi hunters are to hire a helicopter and get flown into the mountains for any number of days and either walk out or be picked up again at the end of their hunt.

If local hunters do not wish to hunt public land they can build a relationship with a private land owner and gain access to  hunting on private property.

Helicopters & hunting

Helicopters are an essential tool in New Zealand Hunting for managing wild game populations, each year 1000's of animals are shot out of helicopters for their meat by commercial operators. Our government also culls 1000's of animals, annually from helicopters to keep game populations at their target levels.

Many outiftters and guides will heli-hunt our 2 alpine species the tahr & chamois. A helicopter is used to locate a trophy animal, the hunter and guide disembark  to shoot the trophy animal,  the helicopter then retrieves the hunter guide and trophy. We prefer to locate animals on foot and hunt them by traditional means. Heli-hunting for trophies is not a New Zealand hunting option that we offer.

The deer species which were introduced and managed to establish themselves are Red, fallow, whitetail, sika, sambar, rusa and elk (wapiti). Chital/axis deer, mule deer and moose also established themselves for a time but died out. Two alpine species the tahr and chamois were liberated at Mt Cook in the Southern Alps both have flourished and survive in healthy populations today and provide some of the best New Zealand hunting we have to offer.

Outfitter qualifications

There is no process by which New Zealand Hunting outfitters/guides have to be registered in NZ. There is the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides association New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides association of which I am a member. Around 80% of outfitters in NZ are a member of the NZPHGA. A member of this association must hold a current drivers license, first aid certificate and be accepted by his peers to be running a business of high standard. The association has a blanket concession to hunt DOC (Department of Conservation) lands across NZ.

The future of New Zealand Hunting

New Zealand has long since been renowned as a hunters paradise, we are a country that is very fortunate to have some of the finest game animals in the world yet we do not seem to able to agree on what to do with them. Alongside a busy guiding schedule I am working very hard to have our game animals recognised as such and ensure they are here for future generations to hunt and enjoy.


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