New Zealand Trophy Hunting

New Zealand Trophy Hunting Packages

Species available: Red stag - tahr - chamois - fallow - whitetail - wapiti - Awapara ram - Pitt island ram - goat

Do you want the best New Zealand trophy hunting available? Then look no further than Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. 

Nowadays the biggest New Zealand trophy's are found in game estates. We have wilderness and free range hunting options available, but if you would like to hunt the largest and highest scoring trophies available we can offer a game estate hunt. We have access to a number of different game estates offering outstanding New Zealand trophy hunting. The Estates we hunt range in size from 3000 - 40,000 acres. The main estate we hunt is 40,000 acres in size, which is obviously a very large tract of land for trophy hunting. New Zealand trophy hunting is based around large red stags, tahr and chamois, we spcialise in all 3 species as well as further species listed above. We can build a New Zealand trophy hunting package to suit you. Estate hunts are run on a daily rate + trophy fee basis, we have access to all species above within close proximity to our lodge. No one does New Zealand trophy hunting better than Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris, contact us today for extremely competitive rates.

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Estate hunts offer exceptional trophies for deer species and easier terrain to hunt tahr and chamois. Animals are enclosed within an area by natural boundaries or high fence.


New Zealand Trophy Hunting Access

Access for New Zealand trophy hunting

Access for estate trophy hunting is by vehicle, once at the estate 4x4 vehicles or polaris vehicles are used to gain altitude. The estates are tracked in some areas, but remember New Zealand is a mountainous country and some country within the estates is very steep and difficuilt to access. Just because the animals are within an estate doesn't mean you're not going to have to work for them.

New Zealand Trophy Hunting Accommodation

Accommodation while New Zealand Trophy Hunting

Lodge accommodation, with comforatble rooms, home cooked meals and kiwi hospitality. Generally we'll hunt from our base at Lake Hawea as we have access to red stag, fallow, tahr, chamois, ram and goat all within 45 minutes drive. Alternatively we may stay at a lodge on an estate further afield. 

Pictures of our lodge here lodge pictures

New Zealand Trophy Hunting

New Zealand Trophy Hunting - Hunting info

Estate trophy hunting offers the chance to see multiple species of game in the same estate, it also offers the opportunity to hunt some of the biggest New Zealand hunting trophies for red stag, which New Zealand is famous for. Big trophies for fallow, wapiti or elk and whitetail are also found in the estates. Whether you're after that red stag which is just a step up from what can be taken free-range or a stag that is truly something special we can make it happen.

New Zealand Trophy Hunting General Info

General Trophy Hunting info

The New Zealand trophy hunting season is from from late February until the end of August when the red stags are in hard antler, tahr and chamois being horned animals can be hunted all year round. The Best and most exciting time for New Zealand trophy hunting is when the deer species are mating or rutting and are really active and vocal being March - April - May.

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