Recent Wilderness Tahr Hunts

Simon from Denmark with 2 wilderness tahr trophies taken in late July. The biggest bull measured 12.5 inches.

Chris finally shot a bull tahr again for himself on the hunt with Simon, it was 9 years ago he last shot a bull for himself.

Simon making his way back to camp late one evening.

Up close and personal with a bull tahr, nanny tahr and her kid.

Immature bulls at the rear and nannies at the front make their way up.

A big trophy wilderness bull displaying a rutting posture even in late July.

Warming up back at the hut after a hard day in the snow.

Greg Walker with his 12 inch trophy tahr taken in October 2016.

Greg Climbing to the tops to get within range after we watched 2 bulls bed down for the day from the bottom.

Freddy from Denmark soaking it all in.

Freddy's 8 year old wilderness bull taken in September 2016.

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