Sika Hunting in New Zealand

Sika deer hunting in New Zealand is extremely popular, especially in the North Island which is the home of the Sika stag. We have access to the largest free range property for sika deer hunting in New Zealand. This amazing property is home to the largest herd of of Sika deer in New Zealand and offers and exceptional New Zealand Sika hunting experience. You will see hundreds of sika deer roaming free in the spectacular central plateau area; North Island New Zealand. Sika deer hunting in New Zealand with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris is a once in a lifetime experience, well actually for many hunters it's not, because once they get a taste of it they can't stop coming back. 

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Sika Deer Hunting in New Zealand - North Island NZ Hunting at its best

Sika deer hunting really is one of our favourite hunting experiences to share with our clients. Sika deer and more importantly sika stag's are only found in the North Island, this means you will visit New Zeland's North Island on your hunt for a New Zealand Sika stag. All our Sika deer hunting is from comfortable accommodation at the property. It is very common to see sika deer from the accommodation, it is also common to hunt for 4-5 days and still not see all of this sika deer hunting property, it is huge, it holds unrivalled numbers of sika deer and trophy sika stags. If you want to hunt New Zealand the South Island is a hunting mecca, the North Island's only advantage over the south is that it has Sika deer. We are a South Island based operation but we have access for the best Sika deer hunting in New Zealand available.


Sika Deer Hunting in New Zealand - An incredible experience

Hunting sika is just so much fun, comfortable accommodation and amazing animal numbers, backed up by professional kiwi guides and good old kiwi hospitality. Sika deer hunting in New Zealand is an experience not to be missed. Trophy sika stags and trophy red stags are available at the property as well as great value cull stags from both species. Experience sika deer hunting and red deer hunting in your New Zealand hunting package

 Sika Deer Hunting NZ, Sika Stag, Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

Available: Free range on private property

Sika Hunting New Zealand T


Sika Deer Hunting New Zealand - Trophies

Large Sika stag trophies of 8-10 points are common from 160 Douglas Score to 200 Douglas score. Many trophies will reach gold medal SCI score. When Sika deer hunting there is no extra charge for large trophies, large sika stag trophies can be taken for the same base level trophy fee. Cull Sika stags are available at the dicretion of the guide.

Sika Hunting New Zealand

Sika Deer Hunting New Zealand - Best Dates

Sika stag's can be hunted from March until July, the best dates are during the sika deer rut which is in April and May.

Sika Hunting Information

Sika Deer Hunting New Zealand - General Info

Sika deer were liberated in New Zealand's north island in 1904. The native homeland of the Sika is Japan and China. Fortunately over 110 years later New Zealand is able to offer some of the best Sika deer hunting in the world.

The Sika stag is a first class trrophy animal offering a unique New Zealand hunting experience. Our Sika stag hunts are very limited in the interests of providing the best trophies, contact us today for rates and availibilty contact us.

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