New Zealand Tahr Hunting

Tahr hunting in New Zealand is one of the most popular guided hunting trips in the South Island. Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris offers wilderness tahr hunting safaris and private land tahr hunting safaris.

Ask a New Zealand hunter to sum up New Zealand hunting with one animal and they'll say "bull tahr hunting". New Zealand has the only free-ranging herd of Himalayan tahr outside of the the Himalayas. There is just no way to describe the sight of a bull tahr until you glass one through the binoculars for the first time. 

Bull Tahr Hunting - A Stand Out Trophy Animal

Tahr hunting is all about spotting that trophy animal, often when pointing out animals to hunters they'll see a nanny tahr (female), a second nanny, a third nanny, a whole group of nannies, but wait what's that massive hairy thing in the middle.... thats 'the bull tahr'. Bull tahr look and weigh up to three times the size of a nanny tahr, there is no more awesome a sight than a skylined bull tahr, with his muscular front shoulders and chest standing strong with his lion like mane rippling with the wind. What the tahr lack in horn length to other mountain dwelling species they more than make up for with their cape.

When tahr hunting for a trophy animal we are looking for an animal with horns approximately 12 inches in length, an impressive body size and a beautiful cape. Tahr hunting epitomises New Zealand hunting.


Tahr Hunting Options Available: Wilderness Tahr Hunting, Private land Tahr Hunting and Game Estate Tahr Hunting

Tahr Hunting New Zealand Trophy Animals

Tahr Hunting Trophy Animals

When we are tahr hunting in New Zealand we are looking for trophy animals. Tahr trophies range from 11-15 inches with bases of 8-10 inches. A good, typical trophy is a 12 inch bull with 8 1/2 inch bases. Hunters need to understand that there are not 14 inch tahr around every corner and that anything above 13 inches in length is an exceptional trophy. In our eyes what makes a good tahr trophy is the age of the bull which like most horned animals shows up in growth rings on the horns, this makes an attractive trophy. Tahr are in their prime at 8 years of age, but may achieve trophy size in 5 years. You may hear people say a tahr cape is half the trophy and they are entirely correct, what tahr lack in horn size compared to other species they make up for two fold with their long, lion like mane.

Tahr Hunting New Zealand Dates

Tahr Hunting Dates in New Zealand

Tahr hunting safaris are available all year round. As said above the tahr cape is an important part of the tahr trophy. Tahr capes are at their peak from April until mid October. The tahr rut is from mid May until mid July, but even outside of these dates it is still a good time for tahr hunting in New Zealand as the bulls mob up in their bachelor groups, so if you find one you will find more. In the case of our free-range private land tahr hunting properties many more bull tahr can be found with up to 60 bulls in a mob.

Tahr Hunting New Zealand Information

Tahr Hunting General Information

Tahr hunting is the second most popular type of hunting safari in New Zealand. Tahr are New Zealand's second most sought after trophy behind red stags. The tahr we have in New Zealand originate from the Himalayan alps and are subsequently known as Himalayan tahr. They are truly the king of mountain animals being able to climb and live in incredibly steep terrain. Sometimes you have to shake yourself as you watch a tahr walk up a vertical rock face and think, did that really happen? Tahr and tahr hunting in general offers great spot then stalk hunting in magnificent mountain scenery.

Tahr Hunting New Zealand Prices and Packages

Tahr Hunting Packages and Prices

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Wilderness Tahr Hunting in New Zealand

Watch this video below to experience wilderness tahr hunting in New Zealand. Filmed on a tahr hunting safari by Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris.


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