Free range bull tahr hunting in Spring.

Craig arrived in October for a wilderness, spring tahr hunt.

I knew where are mob of mature bull tahr were living, we glassed them on the first evening and made a plan to head for the tops and camp on the tree line the next day.

This bull popped out of the scrub on the second evening, although he was too far too shoot, never coming within 400 yrds.

This bull pictured is what we were looking for, although after Craig had already taken two top trophies we left this bull for anopther time.

Our basic spike camp at the top of the tree line. Craig is getting his gear ready in the background.

Craig took this first bull on the second evening from around 200m with his .270. A real trophy just under 13 inches in horn length.

The bull slid about 200m down an ice shoot after being shot. The photo doesn't look steep, but it sure is!

Craig was fortunate enough to take a second trophy bull out of the mob we located. This bull was slightly shorter being 12 and 3/8ths inches in horn length, but he had heavier bases on his horns and a better cape. Love that photo!

Craig Blatchly, one very happy man with is two alpine tahr trophies back on the river flats.

For further info about hunting free range bull tahr visit our tahr hunting page 'click here.'



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