Whitetail Deer Hunting  New Zealand

In New Zealand whitetail deer are very secretive and elusive, free range whitetail deer trophies are hard to obtain. We offer a backpack wilderness hunt for free range whitetail in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. This is a tough demanding hunt, but the rewards are high, the ultimate prize being a free range south pacific whitetail. This hunt is usually run as a whitetail and chamois combination hunt, which is obvioulsy a very unique hunt. Alternatively we do have game estate options available for hunting whitetail deer.

 Whitetail Deer Hunting in New Zealand Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris

 Whitetail Deer Hunting is available: Wilderness or game estate

Whitetail Deer Trophies in New Zealand

Ten point free-range trophies are now very rare, eight points is the norm with an antler length 18-22 inches.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Dates

Whitetail do not come into hard antler until late February or early March, they cast again in August. Bucks can be hunted anytime inside these dates. The rut occurs in May and June.

Whitetail Deer Hunting General Info

Free-range whitetail trophies are becoming harder and harder to find. Whitetail are the animal which used to be a real ace card for us at Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris as we used to take more whitetail trophies than any other New Zealand Outfitter.

We are still coming up with successful results on our wilderness whitetail backpack hunts. This is a tough hunt in demanding country, but there is no other hunting expereince quite like it. 

 If you are looking for that big trophy buck a game estate hunt may be an option.


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