Wilderness backpack hunting in New Zealand

Guy from New Zealand was back in 2015 for his second wilderness back pack hunt for a summer chamois with Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris. Guy is a keen wilderness hunter, this year he had a brand new .280 Ackley Improved rifle to try out.

wilderness chamois hunt

Guy pictured left with Erik (assistant guide) on the right, taking a break while walking in.

After a long walk into the wilderness with assistant guide Erik and myself we reached our destination. We had planned to hunt two remote valley's over the coming eight days.

Guy took a great chamois trophy early in the hunt and was kind enough to let Erik also shoot a trophy chamois later in the hunt. Guy also shot a wild billy goat that emerged from the scrub at 440m. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story, a truly fantastic wilderness hunt for beautiful alpine animals in country that does not get any more spectacular. 

Chamois hunting New Zealand

Guy with his great wilderness summer chamois trophy measuring just under 10 inches in horn length.

Chamois hunting New Zealand big buck

A great trophy Chamois buck that I photographed and left for another time, around 10 inches in trophy size.

Chamois hunting New Zealand nanny chamois

A beautiful female chamois (known as a nanny or doe) Erik photographed her high in the alpine grasses and bluffs.

Chamois hunting New Zealand Eriks trophy

Erik's Wilderness chamois also taken on the hunt in big open country. Erik made a great shot from 280m with Guy's rifle.

Guys comments from our visitors book: 'Had a great 8 days with the best chamois hunting imaginable, taking a great buck. These wilderness hunts tick every box for me, bivvy, base camp and true mountain hunting and shooting opportunities, I will try to come back as I only have one life and it's well past half time.'

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